Who is Kindling for?

We believe Kindling’s content is highly useful to everyone. So welcome! Specifically, we’ve thought about the needs of new adults ages 18-29.


What is the Kindling product?

Kindling is a digital platform that streams video content to your devices whenever, wherever and as often as you want. The content is presented through conversation, storytelling, and experiential learning exercises.

You’ll also learn and grow by being a part of our online Kindling Community, by participating in peer discussion where you can network, receive/provide feedback, and share experiences.

We focus on three core themes:
Core Competencies like critical thinking and creative problem solving
Character Traits such as empathy, humility and emotional intelligence
Career Navigational Skills including strategic, nuanced, and connective approaches

We weave these themes into our Four Pillar Approach:
Developing Interests
Personal Brand
The Art & Skill of Networking
The Art & Skill of Interviewing


When will the Kindling product be available?

We are working on finishing up our inaugural product and plan for it to be available in Fall 2020. Please join our mailing list for updates and nuggets of wisdom and insight.


How can I buy the Kindling product?

When released, the Kindling license will be purchased on this site. You will establish a username and password, set up a personal account, and access whenever you want.

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