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Welcome to Kindling, the learning & mentoring platform that’s changing the game.

Our Mission

A place where you
can grow.

Kindling is a digital platform that prepares young adults with the universal skillsets & mindsets needed to achieve success and fulfillment in an exponentially changing world.

We believe learning & mentoring should be accessible, affordable & convenient for everyone, because the things that make us uniquely human – empathy, compassion, critical thinking – are what make us most valuable.

Creativity & imagination can defy the laws of economics. There will never be an oversupply of great ideas. Kindling is here to help you make sure those ideas become a reality.

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“What Peter is building with this platform fast forwards the development of skillsets that can often take years to master. I wish I had access to this content when I started my career..."

— Jeff Leventhal, Founder & CEO of WorkRails

Kindling Experience

Whatever you want to do, wherever you want to go, whoever you want to be, Kindling will help you get there.

Adaptable Life Skills

Critical thinking and creative problem solving can be applied to any field, preparing you for the jobs of today and tomorrow.


Gain access to expert mentors who provide valuable insights as they guide you on your journey to success.


Connect and network with your peers to receive feedback, collaborate, and share breakthroughs and experiences.

Social Responsibility

Help others while helping yourself. For every one hundred subscriptions sold, Kindling will donate twenty subscriptions to low-income communities.

Good News


The Art of Being Yourself

Caroline McHugh provides simple and profound insights related to what makes us uniquely ourselves.


GRIT: The Power of Passion & Perseverance

NY Times Best Selling Author, Angela Duckworth has written a gem of a book with GRIT.


Following Through

One of the crucial habits truly effective people possess: follow through.

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