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The State of Learning

Over 120 years ago, our educational structure was designed to suit the needs of an 1893 industrial model. Today, little has changed. The model is broken and painfully dated.


of young adults earn a college degree (over a 6 year period).


of recent college graduates are unemployed or underemployed.


The average annual rise of college tuition for the past 10 years (more than 3x the rate of inflation).


of all college students are in debt, impacting 44 million young adults overall.

Four Pillar Approach


Developing Interests

“So what do you want to do the rest of your life?” “What’s your passion?”  These are innocent, yet flawed questions. Our approach starts with identifying areas of interest, and gradually uncovering the root of what you find fulfilling through guided exercises and journaling.


Personal Brand

This section is about celebrating your unique value proposition to the world, and refining the core competencies and character traits that are proven to be the foundation of success and fulfillment, while helping you explore your sense of self.


The Art & Skill of Networking

Here we help you separate yourself from your competition by deep diving into the different tools, tactics, and strategies needed to network effectively, such as building relationships and articulating your narrative, or “elevator pitch.”


The Art & Skill of Interviewing

Interviewing is a critical area young adults fail to understand and master. We systematically discuss the strategy and crucial elements of how to crush an interview, from preparation to follow-through.

The State of Mentoring

Various cultural shifts have widened the mentorship gap, particularly in recent years.  A teenager has less chance of being raised by both biological parents in the U.S. than anywhere else in the world.


of young adults grow up in fatherless homes.


of infants are born to a single mother.


Opportunity Youth – young adults age 16 to 24 who are not in school & not working.


children currently in foster homes.


Peter Russell brings 30 years of experience as a senior executive in advertising, sales and marketing.

Peter worked with some of the most powerful brands in the world, including ESPN and CNN, and has had the great fortune of working for some of the most visionary minds in Corporate America, including Ted Turner, Bob Iger, and George Bodenheimer.

His extensive experience in interviewing, hiring, training, and mentoring young executives has prepared him well for this important responsibility and personal calling.

Peter graduated from Villanova University with a business degree in marketing and was captain of the varsity tennis team.  He lives in Philadelphia with his wife, author Kat Yeh, and their two children.

“When young adults identify & foster interests, those interests have the potential to become passions. Passion can give life meaning, purpose, & fulfillment and a life filled with these attributes is a life filled with happiness. When people are happy, they are less likely to hurt themselves or others – in fact, they are more likely to help others.  This is a reality that can change the world.”

— Peter Russell, Founder & CEO of Kindling

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